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Lawrence High students reveal what they believe

November 26, 2002


Thinkers and philosophers all over the world have ideas and principles they embrace. Even companies have mission statements. So it is with Lawrence High School students.

These "I believe" avowals were the result of the first writing assignment in Joy Clumsky's creative writing classes.

What do you believe?

I believe that the mind contains more than the Earth itself.

- Phil Schneweis

I believe in love at first sight.

- Katie Willoughby

I believe we bring our own destruction.

- William Machado

I believe in having respect for silence.

- Adrian Hunt

I believe in keeping an overflowing trash can in my room sometimes to irritate my mom.

- Amber White

I believe computer teachers are sent from the underworld.

- Kyle McManness

I believe in dancing carelessly in the pouring rain.

- Katy Seibel

I believe that, to find yourself, you must first travel across another's atlas.

- Eric Allen

I believe the grass is green on each side equally.

- Jane Kimble

I believe in changing the things I cannot change, ignoring those I can and never knowing the difference.

- Patrick Tyrrell

I believe, in the end, there will be two things left: our dreams and our memories.

- Kira Barker

I believe aliens live in New Mexico because I saw it on a U-Haul truck while sitting at Borders.

- Jennifer Falk

I believe in laughing with all of your face, body and soul.

- Morgan McMichael

I believe we were innocent until the day we threw away our lunchboxes.

- Molly Green

I believe life is a mystery that need never be solved.

- Crystal Poull

I believe in three-day weekends, every weekend.

- Noah Winter

I believe birds represent man's yearning to be free.

- Daniel Barcus

I believe, if I do good, then good will come.

- Heidi Kennedy

I believe you don't have to be smart to have love in your life.

- Eric Pine

I believe death is just a temporary sleep.

- Cherrale Ricks

I believe in myself.

- Wang Ling Peng

I believe ranch dressing was a gift from God.

- Twynnin Brown

I believe every failure is a step in the right direction.

- Johnny Rathbun

I believe marriage is forever.

- Erica Lyn Hegeman

I believe in shiny stuff.

- TJ Reyes

I believe there is no Hell.

- Chelsea Bryant

I believe Americans have it too good.

- Jamie Segraves

I believe that flying pigs will eventually sell humans as pre-packaged slaves.

- Patrick Roberts

I believe that sleep is a small glimmer of heaven.

- Adam Buhler

I believe that "missing link" in the evolutionary theory is a hole in those scientists brains.

- Colin Hamel

I believe in an indescribable, omniscient force.

- Molly Bretthauer

I believe happiness can be whatever you want ... pickles and ketchup, thunderstorms.

- Laura Fletcher

I believe the moon is God's thumbnail.

- Jessica Lusk

I believe alarm clocks are the most annoying devices on the planet.

- Shelby Shurtz

I believe all teens are nocturnal.

- Steven Lind

I believe that, no matter how hard you work, someone is working even harder.

- Shari Lassiter

I believe that the Royals will win again.

- Brett McBride

I believe that what we call impossible is just something we haven't figured out yet.

- Charles Scholle

I believe that a "dream car" is a car that can actually run.

- Jon Birney

I believe that Stonehenge is really dominoes that giants left behind.

- Amanda Hermesch

I believe in wishing upon a shooting star.

- Danielle Birk

I believe mosquitoes are a mistake.

- Katy Wichman

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