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In the halls

November 26, 2002


This week's question asked at Target, 3201 Iowa

Are kids with braces treated differently in school?

Jesse Madrigal, seventh grade, Southwest Junior High School
"Not really. There's a lot of them at my school."

Jamie Kuhnert, ninth grade, South Junior High School
"Not at my school. Most of the popular people have braces."

Nicole Marino, first grade, Lecompton Elementary,

Grace Nightingale, third grade, Sunflower School
"Sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes they get called names like brace-face and get mad."

Faith Nightingale, fourth grade, Sunflower School
"Not as much as you'd think. Sometimes their friends make up names and they don't really care."

Brandon Eddy, first grade, Lecompton Elementary
"They're treated the same."

Derrick Eddy, third grade, Lecompton Elementary
"Some of them are treated nice and some different. When people first see them they're treated different, but then people start to like them."

Conner Klutman, fifth grade, Deerfield School
"It doesn't really affect them. It hurts to clench your teeth together and people might make fun of you at first, but it eventually gets better."

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