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Enough,’ Lopez fail to garner sympathy

May 25, 2002


How dumb does "Enough" think we are? This dumb: One scene begins with a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the movie feels the need to superimpose the subtitle, "San Francisco." Oh, OK, I thought it was some other hilly American city with a huge, bay-spanning suspension bridge.

A stupid, artlessly made action movie that plays spousal abuse for cheap thrills, "Enough" is a low ebb in Jennifer Lopez's frequently low-ebbing career. For starters, it's virtually a remake of Julia Roberts' "Sleeping With the Enemy," except this time, the abused wife's revenge is premeditated and, thus, not as sympathetic.

Actually, we don't have much sympathy for Lopez's character anyway because she is not a sympathetic performer. The film also gives the impression that violence is the only way to counter violence.

Compare her to Roberts, for instance. Roberts is enough of an actress to make us forget her starriness, but Lopez isn't. You're constantly aware that she's the multiplatinum, eight-figure-salaried, Oscar-presenting Versacephile who hasn't had an unguarded moment on-screen since "Out of Sight."

Not that "Enough" is all her fault. Somehow, the movie fails to notice that, after Lopez bails on her sadistic husband (Billy Campbell, who's suavely vicious), her reduced financial circumstances still find her doing better than most of us. She simply trades in orchids for tulips, a Lexus SUV for a Ford Taurus, cashmere for all-cotton separates. Gosh, sweetie, too bad about the smaller bank balance but, most of us have to have these things called jobs.

"Enough" is choppy, which it tries to disguise with meaningless chapter titles, and flat, which it tries to hide with a zippy, vibrant performance by Juliette Lewis as Lopez's best friend. Her acting helps make the movie more tolerable, but it is not enough.

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