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Pelathe seeks part-time volunteers

May 20, 2002


Agency: Pelathe Community Resource Center

Address: 1423 Haskell Ave.

Contact Person: Bruce Martin, 841-7202

Pelathe Community Resource Center has several volunteer needs.

Director Bruce Martin said he needed a volunteer as soon as possible to keep the center's files on food distribution updated and complete. Five helpers are needed to assist with future food drives. Two people also are needed to pass out food items and help in the pantry. Two volunteers are needed to maintain the center's lawn.

Volunteers who work in the pantry would work either morning or afternoon shifts Monday through Friday. Martin said that volunteers would work about 10 to 20 hours a week, and schedules would be flexible.

Volunteers must be 18 years old or older, and an application is available at the resource center.

Last week's results

Karen Davis said she had received about eight applications from volunteers wanting to participate in the VolunTeen program at Lawrence Public Library. She said more volunteers were needed. The program will accept a total of 32 volunteers.

Immediate volunteer needs

The Roger Hill Volunteer Center needs people who are willing to be on an "On the Spot" volunteer list. Michelle Heller, center director, said the center is getting calls from senior citizens who need help clearing storm debris. Also, people on the list would be available to help a homeless family move into their new housing. People on the list would be called to do these short-term commitment jobs. Contact Heller at 865-5030.

The Salvation Army needs help organizing and storing food items from the successful Postal Workers Food Drive on May 11. Call Rebecca Schuetz, 843-4188.

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