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Googlewhacking provides ‘addictive’ amusement

May 20, 2002


Googlewhacking is a hunt for any two words that, when typed into the Google search engine (without quotation marks), will return a single Web page. It can be difficult, and addictive.

The "Whack Stack" here is a collection of 45,000 successful whacks, such as "antiestablishmentarianism psycho." The site notes it is not affiliated with the Google search engine, but that "'Googlewhacking' sure is fun to say."

This handy definition points out that Googlewhacking is not the same as Googling, which is the time-wasting use of the search engine to look up Web pages mentioning yourself or people you know.

Some folks compare the Googlewhacking craze to one of last year's Web fads, which had people doctoring digital photographs to make it look like aliens with bad grammar were taking over the world.

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