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Who let the grump out?

May 19, 2002


Did you crowd in front of someone in the line at the grocery store yesterday morning? Did you huff and puff at the carhop when your chocolate malt didn't get delivered as fast as you wanted?

Do you have a scowl on your face right now?

Well, take heart relief is on the way.

When a recent survey revealed that most Americans experience an overwhelming amount of rudeness from other people, Smile Mania, a stress management company in Kalamazoo, Mich., decided to do something about it.

The company has declared Wednesday as the Great American Grump-Out.

Much the like the annual Great American Smoke Out that encourages people to stop smoking for a day, the Grump-Out day urges people all over the world to abstain from grumpiness and to do something nice for another person on that day.

"Could Americans share a smile and treat each other with respect for just 24 hours?" Janice Hathy, president of Smile Mania, said. "I created the Great American Grump-Out to find out."

Here are some things you can do to get the grump out:

Wear anything with a smile on it.

E-mail a chain letter with a big smile to friends and family. Encourage them to print out the smile and display it throughout the day.

Implement a frown fine in your home, office or business. Anyone caught frowning will have to pay some sort of monetary fine, with the collected money going to a charity.

Draw and color pictures of smiles and hand then out throughout the day.

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