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Poor House

May 17, 2002


To the editor:

As a citizen of the state of Kansas, and a teacher in the Lawrence public schools, I am completely disgusted with the members of the Kansas House of Representatives who oppose tax increases. These individuals who claim to represent their constituents, and upon whom we rely to assert our best interests, have proven themselves to be reckless in their handling of this year's budget crunch.

Any lay person realizes that the only way to balance the state budget is to increase taxes. The proposed sales tax increase is fair, in that it doesn't single out homeowners, or any other single group. Such a tax increase would affect everyone; all Kansas residents would be contributing.

These dissenting House members have proposed no viable solution to our state's budget crisis. What is their alternative to a tax increase? While Gov. Graves threatens severe tax cuts to education and state agencies, and teachers and state employees panic at the thought of losing jobs, what have these House members done, besides snub Graves in a childish attempt to exercise their power? These representatives have spent the last 100-plus days essentially doing nothing, and Kansans are paying the price.

I am severely disappointed in the apparent apathy seen in these House members. Do those who are up for re-election really believe they are paving the way for another term? My message to these House members is this: Open your eyes and see what your "representation" is doing to Kansans! Or do you even care?

Tonya Sanchez,


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