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Because Mom said so

Novelty book documents familiar quips heard as child

May 12, 2002


"Don't go out with a wet head, you'll catch pneumonia."

"When you're the mother, then you can be the boss."

"I'm going to give you until the count of three."

Mothers have certain sayings and phrases they repeat to their children, who then grow up and are surprised to hear themselves speaking the same words to their offspring.

Cathy Hamilton, Lawrence, has collected 105 of the more familiar phrases uttered by mothers in a novelty book titled "Momisms," published by Andrews McMeel of Kansas City, Mo. The book and a similar volume of fathers' sayings titled "Dadisms" were released in April. "Momisms" is already in its second printing.

Some of the Momisms listed in the book, like "Life isn't fair," are attempts to ease a child's disappointment. Some, like "No child of mine would do something like that" and "Just wait until your father gets home," are meant to shame or scare children into behaving better. Others, like "Don't cross your eyes like that. They might stick," are just silly.

Hamilton said the idea for the book came about after her teen-age daughter, Emily, questioned one of her Momisms: "Don't wear torn underwear. You never know when you might be in a car accident."

She began thinking about the sayings she heard growing up from her own mother and from the mothers of her friends and wondered if anyone had done a book on the topic.

"I looked on and no one had done it," she said.

Hamilton, the creator and marketer of the novelty gift Boyfriend-in-a-Box and content marketing manager for The World Company, which owns the Journal-World, pitched the idea to Andrews McMeel Publishing, which already had published three of her other books, including two "Girl Code" books.

"Momisms" and "Dadisms" are available at Hastings Books Music and Video, 1900 W. 23rd St., and The Palace, Eighth and Massachusetts streets.

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