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May 12, 2002


Weekend getaway calls for light packing

A woman headed on a weekend getaway usually wants to travel light but also get it right.

The June issue of Lucky magazine offers packing guides for short beach, city and country trips.

A structured duffel is the ideal carryall for a beach weekend, say Lucky's editors. In it, put twin slipdresses, which can be worn alone or layered; a head scarf, a solution for sea-mussed hair; mini-heel thongs; drawstring pants; a tropical-print tote; a tankini with a top that can double as a shirt; lightweight flip-flops; and sunscreen.

Lucky's editors say thin pants, a ladylike sweater, a black blouse, a tank top and a sparkly skirt are musts in the roomy overnighter bag used for a city trip. Complementary accessories include an envelope clutch, sandal flats and basic hoop earrings.

For a country weekend, pack denim pedal-pushers, a gauze button-down shirt, cropped khakis and a Western top. A cowboy hat is "the best sun bonnet ever invented," according to Lucky.

Keeping cool when it heats up

Keeping your professional cool takes on a new meaning when the weather turns warm and your wardrobe walks a fine line between comfort and appropriateness.

Kate Rice, the style expert for California-based retailer Mervyn's, says striking that balance might be easier this year thanks to popular flowing, feminine fashions.

She suggests pairing silk shantung career separates and woven sleeveless tops. Those same tops also can be worn with printed georgette skirts.

If travel is required, Rice says rayon-blend fabrics fare well in a suitcase. To maximize space, choose coordinating pieces that can be combined to form several outfits using a limited number of garments.

And, Rice adds, the Americana look is among the easiest to mix and match different pieces because red, white and blue always go together.

Red and white makes for a snappy look

For crisp, cheerful and classic summer clothes, remember this: Red and white is right.

The editors of InStyle magazine say the colors make for a combination that makes "the season's easy styles look that much snappier."

They recommend red clamdiggers accessorized with a tote that features a quirky lobster-print lining; a simple checked sundress; or a pearl-white camisole and prairie skirt enlivened with crimson stitching.

And, while red is right at any age, younger women can wear brighter prints, such as a Hawaiian flowers on a white ground, according to InStyle. Once a woman hits 30, top-to-toe red can be too strong so balance the look with either an all-white shirt or bottom.

As for shoes and accessories, brown gives a sophisticated look and white sandals are classic.

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