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Old home town - 40 and 100 years ago today

May 6, 2002


IN 1962

A Baldwin youth was killed when the family's car collided with a mail truck at the junction of highways 59 and 56. His mother and brother were hospitalized in serious condition.

IN 1902

On May 6, 1902, the Lawrence World observed: "Tomorrow the doctors will assemble in this city in annual convention. The doctors are the acme of respectability and learning. In every community the doctor stands for the best and he is received as typifying the higher life. In every instance he is the peace maker, and whatever he does is accepted. The doctors are a right good institution and few of us would care to banish them. The doctor is the health maker of the world. He set us right when hygienic rules are broken, and binds up the broken thread of our carelessness and recklessness. Lawrence is right glad to see its friends the doctors, and trusts that they may have a pleasant time."

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