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On the street

March 23, 2002


Melissa Parsons, JCCC student, DeSoto

"No, because most of the movies' artistic merit is not very good. Most of the movies are big blockbusters, and the artistic merit of films are not looked at."

Fred Jehle, retired, Lawrence

"I have not yet agreed with the Academy. I guess my sense of judgment and theirs are on two different levels."

Josh Massoni, LHS student, Lawrence

"A lot of time I think they make decisions based on commercial hype than artistic merit, so I don't pay attention to the awards."

Dave Roth, KU law student, Lawrence

"Since I haven't seen any of the movies nominated this year, I don't know. I think the movies are good, but if there's not a giant monster or a huge bug in it, I usually don't see it."

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