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House defeats attempts to sell liquor on Sundays

March 22, 2002


— The House defeated an effort Thursday to allow retail sales of beer, wine and liquor on Sundays in counties where voters approved.

Rep. L. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth, put the question before the House as an amendment to Senate bill making technical changes in laws on underage drinking.

Ruff said she thought Kansans should have the option to buy alcohol if they desired.

House members rejected her amendment on a voice vote, just as legislators have rejected proposals to allow Sunday sales repeatedly in past years.

A similar bill was heard in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, but members tabled it.

Opponents said Ruff's amendment ran contrary to common sense and family values  and would lead only to more tragedy through drunken driving deaths and alcoholism.

"If there has ever been a pro-life issue it's this one," said Rep. Bill Mason, R-El Dorado.

On a voice vote, the House advanced the unamended bill on underage drinking to final action, which is scheduled for Friday. Passage then would sent it to Gov. Bill Graves.

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