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Big 12 honors to ponder

March 3, 2002


The All-Big 12 Conference men's basketball teams will be announced next week with Kansas University's Drew Gooden and Kirk Hinrich virtual locks for the first team with Nick Collison and Jeff Boschee very likely to be second-team selections.

While you await next week's announcements, check out these specialty teams:

Lawrence Roberts, Baylor
John Lucas, Baylor
T.J. Ford, Texas
Wayne Simien, Kansas
Keith Langford, Kansas
Note: Baylor's Roberts best freshman forward in country nobody has ever heard of.

Ebi Ere, Oklahoma
Ivan McFarlin, Oklahoma State
Pervis Pasco, Kansas State
Kasib Powell, Texas Tech
Quannas White, Oklahoma
Note: If you were signing autographs, would you rather be Ebi Ere or Pawel Storozynski?

All-Green Card
Fredrik Jonzen, Oklahoma State (Sweden)
Pawel Storozynski, Texas Tech (Poland)
Gilson DeJesus, Kansas State (Brazil)
Jozsef Szendrei, Oklahoma (Hungary)
Amadou Doumbouya, Colorado (Guine)
Note: Sixth man is K-State's Ivan Sulic (Croatia).

All-Mr. President
Marcus Jefferson, Iowa State
Quentin Buchanan, Kansas State
T.J. Ford, Texas
Arthur Johnson, Missouri
David Harrison, Colorado
Note: D.J. Harrison not included because of one-per-family limit.

All-Not Related to Roy
Fredie Williams, Texas
Victor Williams, Oklahoma State
Nick Williams, Kansas State
Andre Williams, Oklahoma State
Walter (No Neck) Williams, ex-Chicago White Sox
Note: In football, as you know, the Big 12 boasts Roy Williams of Oklahoma and Roy Williams of Texas.

All-Kansas Prep Product
Wayne Simien, Kansas (Leavenworth)
Fredrik Jonzen, Oklahoma State (SM East)
Victor Williams, Oklahoma State (KC Wyandotte)
Andre Williams, Oklahoma State (KC Schlagle)
Melvin Sanders, Oklahoma State (Liberal)
Note: Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton is from Kansas, too. He's a native of Bucklin.

All-Kansas Junior College Product
Pawel Storozynski, Texas Tech (Dodge City)
Kasib Powell, Texas Tech (Butler County)
Ebi Ere, Oklahoma (Barton County)
Melvin Sanders, Oklahoma State (Seward County)
Brett Ballard, Kansas (Hutchinson)

All-Three-Point Shooter
Jake Sullivan, Iowa State
Jeff Boschee, Kansas
Kirk Hinrich, Kansas
Cary Cochran, Nebraska
Clarence Gilbert, Missouri
Note: Conspicuous by his absence is Kareem Rush.

All-Good Player on Bad Team
Larry Reid, Kansas State
Tyray Pearson, Iowa State
Jake Sullivan, Iowa State
Pervis Pasco, Kansas State
Bernard King, Texas A&M;
Note: Pearson has the widest variety of shots around the basket I've ever seen.

All-Looks Good in a Uniform
Matt Siebrandt, Kansas State
Ricky Morgan, Iowa State
Quentin Buchanan, Kansas State
Omar Bynum, Iowa State
Nick Anderson, Texas A&M;
Note: What you see isn't always what you get.

Aaron McGhee, Oklahoma
Bernard King, Texas A&M;
Kareem Rush, Missouri
Keith Langford, Kansas
Randy Johnson, Arizona
Note: Big Unit's college eligibility has expired, but what the heck.

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