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What are you reading?

June 30, 2002


Carolyn Richardson, recent KU graduate, Lawrence

"'Fire: Journals of Anais Nin.' She wrote some books, and she was friends with Henry Miller."

Daniel Diamond, police officer, Lawrence

"I'm seeing if they have anything new from Hunter S. Thompson. He often has very unique views on the body politic."

Grant Ellis, 7 years old, Ottawa

"All sorts of books. Sometimes they're about jobs. 'Harley-Davidson: Celebration of a Legend.'"

Doug Guess, retired, Lawrence

"I just finished 'Pray Like Jesus.' It was recommended to me by a friend, and it gives a different perspective about what we should do as Christians."

Curtis and Judith Bennett, retired, Lawrence

"Joseph Campbell's five-set audio lecture series. We have all his books. He talks about comparative religion, and our cat loves him."

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