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A rose by any other name

June 30, 2002


Here a list of rose designations:

Floribunda everblooming, free-branching shrub roses with flowers in clusters of three to 20.

Climber tall arching canes that can be secured to a trellis, fence or other structure. Climbers produce numerous blooms.

Hybrid tea an upright shrub that produces a solitary high-centered rose. The blooms of hybrid teas are often scented.

Grandiflora a combination floribunda and hybrid tea rose that can reach more than 6 feet. The flowers are high-centered, resembling hybrid tea blooms.

Miniature a compact rose with tiny sprays of single to fully double roses.

Shrub a diverse group of roses with clusters of large flowers that are often scented.

Landscape a spreading and trailing plant with a ground cover habit.

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