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District court

June 25, 2002


Marriage licenses issued

Michael Schmitz, 23, Lawrence, and Amy White, 21, Lawrence.

Eric C. Price, 21, Kansas City, Kan., and Danielle E. Shuck, 20, Baldwin.

Robert Fahra, 36, Lawrence, and Rebecca Cleavinger, 29, Lawrence.

Frank Ice, 25, Lawrence, and Heather Stenger, 29, Lawrence.

Richard Bailey, 54, Lawrence, and Anne Edwards, 44, Lawrence.

Michael Cole Campbell, 22, Lawrence, and Sarah Elizabeth Whiston, 24, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Parker, 30, Lawrence, and Andrea D. Pharr, 28, Lawrence.

James Killian, 22, Lawrence, and Lynsi Thomas, 23, Lawrence.

Scott R. Carpenter, 23, Lawrence, and Patricia K. Wiemeyer, 22, Lawrence.

Scott Underwood, 23, Tonganoxie, and Kathleen Vestal, 21, Tonganoxie.

Ryan Glendening, 24, Lawrence, and Jessica Cline, 22, Lawrence.

Shawn Moulin, 27, Lawrence, and Angela Sinclair, 34, Lawrence.

Robert Alan Bruckner, 55, St. Louis, and Kathleen Irene Duffer, 51, Lawrence.

Daron Trent, 29, Lawrence, and Traci Anderson, 32, Lawrence.

Roman Manaenkou, 21, Lawrence, and Joanna Fewins, 20, Lawrence.

Larry Morgan, 27, Shawnee, and Stacey Collicott, 22, Great Bend.

Jack Cronemeyer, 50, Lawrence, and Mary Stevenson, 35, Lawrence.

Justin Wilk, 23, Lawrence, and Jennifer Fleming, 23, Lawrence.

Carl Holden, 23, Topeka, and Thitsara Chansaviang, 24, Lawrence.

Robert Chamberlain, 22, Lawrence, and Kristen Brock, 20, Lawrence.

John Malsam, 25, Lawrence, and Casey Thompson, 23, Lawrence.

Kirk Landau, 27, Lawrence, and Carolyn Topping, 21, Lawrence.

Michael Douglas Pierson, 24, Lawrence, and Katherine Christine Clark, 21, Lawrence.

Trevor A. Williams, 24, Lawrence, and Carmine Carleen Compogno, 24, Lawrence.

Craig Allen Ryan, 22, Lawrence, and Kelly Michelle Goreham, 22, Lawrence.

Rudolph Rocha Jr., 49, Topeka, and Rosemary R. Valverde, 45, Lawrence.

Brooks Leslie Abbott, 24, Overland Park, and Erin Beth Bajackson, 23, Overland Park.

Justin Haack, 23, Lawrence, and Tenley Hankins, 21, Atwood.

Myrl Helton Jr., 57, Lawrence, and Linda Breithaupt, 54, Lawrence.

Robert Gilkerson, 22, Overland Park, and Carrie Robinson, 21, Overland Park.

Matthew D. Starkey, 27, Roeland Park, and Jill K. Dumler, 26, Lawrence.

Richard Adam Cole, 21, Lawrence, and Nicole Anne Stevens, 22, Lawrence.

Leon T. McCoy Jr., 30, Eudora, and Cieara Laree Helm, 21, Eudora.

Phillip Morales, 21, Lawrence, and Alisha Radford, 20, Lawrence.

Kevin V. Hadl, 36, Lawrence, and Angela D. Grape, 35, Eudora.

Hendra Rustam, 25, Milpitas, Calif., and Sophiana Kiki, 21, Lawrence.

Edgar Soloman Koigi, 25, Olathe, and Holly Christine Welborn, 22, Lawrence.

Frederick Neslage III, 32, Richardson, Tex., and Catherine Annette, 21, Overbrook.

Ned Nelson III, 33, Lawrence, and Lisa Michelle Mahnke, 30, Lawrence.

Bradley Neal Lewis, 21, Lawrence, and Amy Annette Ratzlaff, 21, Lawrence.

Michael McCoy, 38, Lawrence, and Frances Zopp, 30, Lawrence.

Trent Peterson, 24, Lawrence, and Erin Vierthaler, 25, Lawrence.

Ryan Johnson, 29, Lawrence, and Ann Louise Elizabeth Dean, 32, Lawrence.

James Lee Feurt, 50, Lawrence, and Sherry Ann Floyd, 47, Lawrence.

Neil Dennis, 25, Lawrence, and Geri Gallinger, 24, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Heffley, 28, Lawrence, and April Hernandez, 25, Lawrence.

Brian Mead, 23, Lawrence, and Megan Lolley, 20, Lawrence.

Earl Wilson Jr., 23, Lawrence, and Amanda Jones, 17, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Paul Jachowicz, 26, Lawrence, and Lynette Marie Lewis, 28, Lawrence.

Kenneth Arthur Bolton, 22, Overland Park, and Eun Suk Suh, 23, Overland Park.

Zachary Land, 24, Lawrence, and Cori Meacham, 21, Lawrence.

Duane Johnson, 56, Lawrence, and Leigh Livingston, 33, Lawrence.

Mark Allen Edmonds Jr., 27, Lawrence, and Charly Ayliene Beaty, 26, Lawrence.

Lee Buell, 22, Pittsburg, and Brianna Dee Reeves, 22, Lawrence.

Jerry Hammann, 22, Overland Park, and Michele Christine Summers, 26, Overland Park.

James Driver, 51, Lecompton, and Sherilyn Laduke, 46, Lecompton.

Todd Michael Smith, 31, Lawrence, and Melinda Brooke Myers, 28, Lawrence.

David Davidson, 31, Lawrence, and Jackie Bewick, 47, Lawrence.

Divorces granted

Eric Williams, 42, Lawrence, and Elaine Williams, 47, Lawrence.

Steven Fines, 25, San Diego, and Angela Warner Fines, 24, Lawrence.

Michael Addington, 41, Topeka, and Christina Addington, 49, Lawrence.

James Elkins, 42, Lawrence, and Leslie Elkins, 43, Lawrence.

Imri Meiron, 22, Overland Park, and Alison Organ, age unknown, Overland Park.

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