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Traffic circle fan

June 23, 2002


To the editor:

Two articles have appeared in the Journal-World recently regarding citizens' complaints about and dislike for the new traffic circles. Statements were made by the complaining citizens indicating that they had either not yet met one person who liked the traffic circles, or that they believed that in a vote no one would vote in favor of them.

They haven't met or asked me, because I happen to like them. I believe they do the job well for which they are intended, have a more attractive appearance than your typical four-way stop, and simple add a nice touch of new flavor to Lawrence streets and driving. I pass through one or more almost daily, and find them to be doing their job nicely of "calming" traffic without requiring a full stop (possibly that lends more fuel efficiency to our driving?)

I would add, however, that I cannot be sure of the attractiveness of the economics involved in building traffic circles. They do appear to be quite an expensive construction project, but that is an area for others to provide guidance. I simple think it is nice to have a few of them around Lawrence where traffic calming is justified.

Dave Rueschhoff,


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