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Old home town - 100 years ago today

June 23, 2002


In 1902 - On June 23, 1902, the Lawrence Journal noted a meeting that evening to discuss the Carnegie library offer. The Journal noted, "There is, perhaps, but one thought in the mind of all, as to one thing, and that is that Lawrence would be the great gainer for having the library, and that we should have it if we can afford it. ... Can we afford not to have it? A splendid library building is not a gift to be carelessly and thoughtlessly refused. Will it not be mistake for ourselves and a mistake still more serious for our children and our grandchildren to refuse to place before ourselves and before those who come after us such a great opportunity to acquire knowledge? The value of a magnificent library can not be measured by dollars and cents, for learning is better than wealth. Let us not think alone of ourselves, but of future generations for whom we are living and working when we decide this matter."

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