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Hood provides tips for living happier life

June 23, 2002


Mark Hood, a Topeka psychologist, recently published "Live Before You Die," a book written to help people recognize "who you are and who you can be."

In the epilogue, he lists ideas that capture "The Meaning of Life."

A sample:

 Do something for anyone and do not take credit for it.

 Some people will never allow themselves to be happy.

 Everyone's got a problem. Some have the wisdom to concentrate on solutions.

 Don't wait for things to happen; make them happen.

 The goal of a human being is to find out how to connect with yourself, and then with others.

 Always get a second and third opinion on every major decision. In the final act, you will learn to trust your own opinion.

 Forgive your parents and hope that your children will forgive you when they grow up.

 Sing often and sing loud. If you feel that you're not a good singer, just listen to Bob Dylan.

 No one, and I mean no one, owes you anything.

 Life is far too funny to take seriously.

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