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June 23, 2002


The Gap lists the must-haves for fall

The summer season is now in full swing, which means fall merchandise will be in stores very soon.

The following lists of "essentials" for men and women will round out summer wardrobes and convey the classic, casual style of summer, according to The Gap.

Women's items include: front-slit denim skirt; flat-front shorts; look-fit khaki capris; denim capris; linen sleeveless shirt; white short-sleeved T-Shirt; terry zip hooded sweatshirt; espadrilles; crusher hat; and striped belt.

For men, the must-haves are: cargo shorts; relaxed-fit, flat-front khakis; easy-fit jeans; pocket T-shirt; short-sleeved poplin shirt; baseball T-shirt; pique polo shirt; sport slides; and flip flops.

Vera Wang unveils tableware line

A new dilemma for brides: Should your china match your wedding dress?

The cult of wedding-gown diva Vera Wang is spreading to the table. Following in the footsteps of other big-name fashion designers, Wang is bringing her brand to home furnishings with china and crystal patterns for Wedgwood.

Wang's tabletop creations, like her clothes, are classic and timeless: White dinner plates are ringed in palest pink or platinum. Fragile martini glasses shimmer in amethyst and sapphire. The collection will be available at Bloomingdale's in July.

But unlike her bridal gowns, which float in the $2,500 to $12,500 price range, Wang's tableware is more popularly priced. A five-piece place setting of Wang's Wedgwood "Pink Duchesse" is $109.

Tips help damage caused by coloring

Coloring your hair requires commitment. Not only do you have to live with the new shade, you have to live with the effects that the color process has on your hair.

Jo Hansford, a top London-based colorist, offers these professional tips on maintaining your hair's condition:

Prepare your hair for color at home or in the salon with a protein filler that will fill the gaps and allow color to evenly take on each shaft. This will keep the hair color from appearing "patchy" due to broken-down proteins that leave gaps in the hair structure that color cannot bind evenly to.

Use a hot oil treatment after color treatments to recondition the hair and get back some of the natural sheen that can be lost after more aggressive chemical processing. Hot oils contain ingredients that are formulated to replicate the natural oils that have been lost when hair is damaged.

Always use a shampoo and conditioner that has been formulated for color-treated hair. These products shouldn't contain alcohol that can cause additional drying to the hair shaft.

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