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Family fun recipes

June 23, 2002


Examples of "FamilyFun Boredom Busters" recipes from "Boredom Busters" (Disney Enterprises):

An opportunity to turn the tables on children who have stuck their tongues out at meals they didn't like.

Lunch Guests

Mayonnaise and mustard

Sandwich roll

Cold cuts

Sliced raw vegetables

Softened cream cheese

Spread mayonnaise and mustard on the bottom half of a sandwich roll. Add a slice of ham or another cold cut. Then fold a second slice of meat so that it resembles a tongue and lay it across the bun so the end hangs over the edge.

Now create a face on the bun top using sliced raw vegetables, olives and cherry tomatoes. (One possible face includes cucumber eyes with olive pupils, arcs of celery for eyebrows, a cherry-tomato nose and strips of green pepper pushed into the top of the bun for a spiky hairdo.)

Cream cheese can be used as the "glue." The cheese sticks best if the vegetables are blotted dry.

Poke a hole in a plastic bag filled with water, and you're sure to spring a leak, right?


Penciled In

Plastic bag (no holes except for main opening)


Sharpened pencils

Fill a plastic bag three quarters of the way with water and then knot the top.

With one hand, hold the bag over a sink. In one swift motion, use the other hand to push a pencil, point first, straight through one side of the bag and out the other.

No water should leak out.

See how many more pencils you can poke through without causing a leak.

The explanation behind this mysterious feat involves the elasticity of plastic. When you pierce the bag, the plastic stretches and then breaks open just enough for the pencil to fit through.

The glove-like fit leaves no room for water to pass through.

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