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Test your driving IQ

June 18, 2002


a. two roads intersect ahead.

b. a hazard is ahead.

c. the action is not allowed.

d. diagonal crossing is permitted.

2. What does a round traffic sign mean?

a. yield to other traffic

b. stop

c. railroad crossing

d. pedestrian crossing

3. A solid white line between two lanes of traffic means that you are:

a. in a speed zone.

b. in a passing zone.

c. on a two-way street.

d. generally not to cross the line.

4. Curbs painted red, yellow or white are generally designated as:

a. minimum-speed zones.

b. no-parking zones.

c. user parking only.

d. limited-time parking.

5. A school zone sign is:

a. yellow with five sides.

b. yellow with six sides.

c. red with three sides.

d. red with eight sides.


1. c; 2. c; 3. c; 4. b; 5. a.

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