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Ready to march

June 13, 2002


A community's measure of artists, writers and performers does correlate well with growth. In his letter to the editor, Grauerholz provided a welcome service to Lawrence by urging fellow citizens to read Dr. Richard Florida's entire May 2002 article at 2001/ 0205.florida.html.

The site's worth printing again, and it's worth doing your homework to find out who James Grauerholz is, if you don't already know. And while you're at it, take a few moments to think about who the "we" represents in our city's motto  "We have tomorrow bright before us like a flame," taken from Langston Hughes' poem "Youth." Fittingly, that poem ends "We march!" Thanks Mr. Grauerholz for reminding "us"  we eternal youths, eternal flames  that the "hope," "beat," and "soul" of a city are more than just four-letter words, they're reasons to march!

Larry Estes,


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