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Text of Gracia Burnham’s statement

June 10, 2002


— A transcript of Gracia Burnham's remarks before boarding a flight today in Manila to return to Kansas:

"Good morning. Martin and I had so many dear friends here in the Philippines. You know who you are. Our friends in Malaybalay, in Brookes Point, in Darapida, in Manila we love you so very much, and we thank you for the precious memories that you gave us during our 15 years here. Martin loved this country with all his heart.

"We want to thank each and every one of you for every time you remembered us in prayer. We needed every single prayer you prayed for us during our ordeal in the jungle.

"We know there are countless of you who don't even know us, who prayed and offered support also, and we thank you too. We especially want to thank the military men, the Filipinos and the Americans, who risked, and even gave, their lives in order to rescue us. May God bless these men in their ongoing efforts.

"During our ordeal, we were repeatedly lied to by the Abu Sayyaf, and they are not men of honor. They should be treated as common criminals. We support all efforts of the government in bringing these men to justice.

"I return to the States this morning, to rejoin my children and to put my life back together. Part of my heart will always stay with the Filipino people. Thank you."

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