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Flood controls

July 26, 2002


To the editor:

I would like to thank those who worked so hard on the flood regulations for the city of Lawrence. I greatly appreciate the return to the era of protection from flooding. Using our floodplain for floodwater is a good thing. I would also like to thank the Journal-World for publishing so many good articles on flooding.

Water causes flooding and regulation for the responsible management of this water will reduce flooding. Good regulations will protect property and pocketbooks against the disastrous impacts of flooding. Good regulation will lower the cost of flood insurance. Better regulations and water management will reduce the need for flood insurance.

The best regulations will benefit all the people of Lawrence and Douglas County. Responsible leaders and officials should not allow those seeking personal financial gains to prevent regulation seeking the prevention of harm to property owners. Protection of my property is more important than the value. Better protection provided by a good regulation would increase the value of my property. We should all work together and support good regulations to reduce flooding in Douglas County.

Jim Turrentine,


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