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Former state leaders offer views on success in office

July 21, 2002


Those who have done the job have some ideas about what it takes to be a good Kansas governor and how the next one should prepare for tasks ahead.

John Anderson (1961-65)

"It just takes a person who has a general knowledge of history and political science and the problems of society generally. Someone with the foresight to meet needs of a changing social order and take each problem as it comes day by day. It doesn't take a genius or a person different than all the rest of us, but it takes somebody that can work with others."

John Carlin (1979-1987)

"Whatever success one might attribute to my tenure, a lot had to do with the way we worked hard at communication. We held public meetings all across the state. One thing I would really emphasize is straight-up candor and good communication. That communication has to be ongoing. You can't just suddenly in a crisis decide that it is necessary."

Mike Hayden (1987-1991)

"Once the party nominees are chosen, the two winners need to actually meet with the legislative leaders. After the primary, we'll know who will be president of the Senate. We don't know who will be House speaker yet. But it's going to come from a handful of people. So, you want to meet with those people and begin establishing some rapport, especially if the next governor is to come in and immediately enact budget cuts."

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