Scouting news

Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to the Westside Presbyterian Church, had a Court of Honor June 24. Jacob Wilson was presented with his Eagle rank.

The following scouts and the ranks they advanced to are: Keith Cowart, Jeff Hornberger and Josh Sanderson, Life; Travis Andregg, Star; Andrew Boyd, Andrew Clancy, Kameron Gibler, Drew Braden and Brandon Mailand, First Class; Kevin Cottrell, Joshua Durflinger, Keifer Gibler, Joshua Gore, Wolfgang Johanning, Chance McKinney, Kenny Myers, Zachary Ortiz, Joseph Vannicola and Taylor Zook, Tenderfoot; Ryan Abbott, Ace Burtram, Jacob Burchett, Brian Cain, Jacob Christilles, Will Gandy, Quillan Houser, John McLean, Ian O’Conner, Raith Vincent, Jared Willits, Jacob Wilson, Jared Wilson and Dylan Schmalberg, Scout.

A total of 24 merit badges were awarded. Matthew Avila received the World Conservation Award. Drew Braden, David Hanson, Michael Scott, Shawn Scott and Brandon Mailand received their Twelve Month Camper Award.

Boy Scouts from Troop 52, chartered to the First United Methodist Church, attended Summer Camp June 20-29 at Lone Star in the H. Ross Bartle Reservation. The boys earned 129 merit badges, 10 rank advancements and 7 snorkeling awards.

Boys who attended were: Tim Barta, Bill Berkowitz, Jack Berkowitz, Paul Bireta, Roscoe Brixey, Evan Cloar, Cyril Cook, Josh Cosgrove, Justin Deaver, Sam Donnell, Dar Fornelli, Philip Gilreath, Cameron Hershiser, Westley Hinkle, Nick Joseph, Dwayne LaForce, Dan Lassman, David Long, Mason McCurdy, Ian O’Connor, David Ohlhausen, Andres Ramos, Henry Reiske, Sean Ridenour, Matthew Rogers, Will Sharp, Nick Totten, Charlie Turner, Pete Tuttle, Tristan Wagner, Gus Wigen-Toccalino, Steven Wilson and Nathan Wycoff.