Club news

Jim Brothers was honored by the Betty Washington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution June 22 at the First Baptist Church. Brothers received a National DAR Community Service Award and pin. The purpose of the Community Service Award is to recognize a local person with outstanding achievements in patriotic, humanitarian, historical or citizenship endeavors.

Brothers has given talks to organizations in Lawrence, shown films and has displayed the bronze sculptures for the National D-Day Memorial prior to their being shipped to Bedford, Va.

Jim has made all of the statues for the memorial and has eight more to do.

His devotion in portraying the Veterans in his sculptures and his sharing of them led the Betty Washington Chapter to propose to the State and National DAR committees that Jim be given this award. The award was presented by Regent Annie Young Merriam.

Attending the ceremony were members and specials guests, Jim Brothers, Jean Brothers and Kathy Correll. Ross Wulfkhule, Dan Merriam, Glenn Robinson and Ellis Hayden were recognized for their service during World War II.

The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club’s July 1 game was attended by 11 tables of players. The game was stratified, used the Mitchell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver.

The North-South winners were Larry Bodle and Kent McCullough, followed by James Gunn and Harry Shaffer. Steve Goodman and Elizabeth Nice placed third, followed by Julia Dalton and Lester Dalton. Winners of the B session were Barbara McCorkle and Mary Treece.

The East-West winners were Jerry Sloan and Eldon Herd, followed by Paul Heitzman and Donna Johnson. Julie Ward and Don Brennaman placed third, followed by Cathy Blumenfeld and Mike Blumenfeld. Fifth place was Chuck Hedges and Yvonne Hedges.

The Lawrence 299ers Duplicate Bridge Club met June 26 for a North America Open Pairs Qualifier game. The game was directed by Don Brennaman and used the Mitchell movement. Chuck Hedges and Yvonne Hedges placed first, followed by Bill Hamilton and Barb Hamilton. Third place went to Dorothy Arth and Frances Vogel, followed by Harriet Olson and Judy Bevan. Other qualifiers for the next round were Bob Huffman, Helen Huffman, Don Daugherty and Harry Talley.

The Lawrence TGIF Duplicate Bridge Club game of June 28 was a qualifying round game for the North America Open Pairs national tournament.

The game was stratified, used the Mitchell movement and was directed by Don Brennaman. Elizabeth Gilman and Jan Brown took first place.

Shirley Reese and Yvonne Hedges placed second, followed by Sally Taylor and Klee Zaricky, Donna Munson and Mary Fenlon, Don Daugherty and Harry Talley, and Patt Radford and Suzanne Wassmer.

Other qualifiers for advancement were Don Brennaman, Richard Willoughby, Clyde Romer, Kent Mc Cullough, Shirley Vaughn, Virginia Eddy, Cathy Blumenfeld and Mike Blumenfeld.