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State senator angry about Wilcox comments

July 4, 2002


— A veteran lawmaker said he was angered by comments made by Kim Wilcox as Wilcox left his job as president and chief executive officer of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Last week, Wilcox, who will become the dean of Kansas University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, criticized the Legislature for failing to adequately fund higher education.

Citing a list of budget cuts from the Legislature, Wilcox said, "There is not much blood left to squeeze from this turnip."

On Tuesday, Sen. Paul Feleciano, D-Wichita, said, "I take great offense to that."

Feleciano, the ranking Democrat on the Senate budget committee, said many lawmakers, including himself, "put our necks on the line" to try to get more money for higher education.

Democrats have often complained that they have fought for more funding without support from regents officials who fear angering Republican legislative leaders.

Feleciano's comments came during a meeting of the Legislative Budget Committee when interim regents president Marvin Burris was testifying.

Feleciano said he wished Wilcox had been at the meeting.

"He went back to where, KU? I'll remember that," Feleciano said.

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