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NSync launches spacey idea

February 21, 2002


— Giving new meaning to the term world tour, a television production company wants to launch pop star Lance Bass, the spiky blond from 'NSync, into space this November for $20 million.

Bass and Destiny Productions, a Los Angeles television firm, are negotiating with the Russian space agency and a Netherlands space tourism firm to pay the Russians to send the star into orbit, according to announcements Wednesday.

Bass would fly a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station, where he could do his "No Strings Attached" floating dance moves in real zero gravity.

Bass would be part of a television show  with money coming from sponsors  called "Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass." He wants to sing from 235 miles up in space with the other members of his band back on Earth. The problem: It'll be hard for 'NSync to sing in synch, given several seconds' time lag due to the distance.

"They seem sincere. They have the money," said Walt Anderson, vice chairman of MirCorp., the Netherlands company that sells tourists space on Russian rockets.

If the deal works out, Bass, now 22, would be the youngest person to fly in space and only the third space tourist. Sixty-year-old Dennis Tito, a former NASA engineer turned investment whiz, flew in April 2001 and South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth, 28, is scheduled to fly in April.

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