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Old home town - 25, 40 and 100 years ago today

February 19, 2002


Funds for salary increases averaging 7 percent were listed as top priority items by presidents of Kansas State and Pittsburg State universities during hearings in Topeka.

IN 1962

Frank Molby, a 61-year-old Lecompton farmer, had been trampled to death by a bull at his farm home 12 miles northwest of Lawrence. The bull apparently attacked while Molby was feeding cattle. His wife discovered her dead husband, determined what had happened and ordered law enforcement officers to destroy the animal, which she said had been abnormally aggressive of late.

IN 1902

On Feb. 19, 1902, the Lawrence Journal's headline read "Nearing the Record Limit" and explained, "Dr. F.H. Snow reports that the records of the weather kept by him show that the present cold spell is one of the longest on record for Kansas weather. In 1874, beginning in December and lasting into January 1875, there were 29 consecutive winter days, that is, with the average temperature below freezing point. There have now been this year 25 consecutive winter days with the average temperature below freezing point, so that four more will equal the longest record, and five more will break the record."

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