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February 19, 2002


LOS ANGELES: Suspect arrested with inactive explosive

An Army National Guardsman was arrested Monday after trying to pass a nonfunctioning military explosive through security at Los Angeles International Airport, police said.

A screener became concerned after noticing the device, which resembled an M-80 firecracker, said Los Angeles police Sgt. Greg Glodery.

Authorities said they do not believe it was terrorist-related.

Jacques Baker, 32, of Guam, was taken into custody for carrying an explosive device aboard an aircraft, said FBI spokesman Matthew McLaughlin. Baker was expected to be charged today in federal court.

It was unclear whether Baker was on active duty or on leave from the National Guard.

McLaughlin identified the device as a seal bomb, typically used by fishermen to scare away seals from prime fishing areas.

Dallas: Study: Bypass a risk for women under 50

Women under age 50 are three times more likely than men to die after undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery, new research suggests.

A study led by Dr. Viola Vaccarino of Emory University in Atlanta examined 57,187 patients, 30 percent of them women, who had bypass surgery at 23 medical centers across the country between October 1993 and December 1999.

Among patients ages 50-59, 2.6 percent of women died, compared with 1.1 percent of men. Among patients 80 and older, 9 percent of women died compared with 8.3 percent of men.

Vaccarino theorized that women tend to have more preexisting illnesses, including stroke and heart failure, and are usually referred for surgery when their heart disease is more severe.

Because women have smaller arteries than men, she said, bypass surgery is more difficult to perform and, therefore, more stressful on women.

Florida: Gov. Jeb Bush: Daughter improving

Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday his daughter was making progress at a drug treatment center and that her struggle has made him more sensitive to the issue of abuse.

Noelle Bush, 24, was arrested at a pharmacy drive-through window Jan. 29 for allegedly trying to buy the anti-anxiety drug Xanax with a fraudulent prescription.

She was admitted to a court-ordered drug treatment program in early February.

If Noelle Bush graduates from her drug program, criminal charges will be dismissed.

Denver: State Senate president running for Congress

State Senate President Stan Matsunaka dropped out of the race for governor Monday, saying he will instead run for Congress, a suggestion made by national Democratic leaders.

Guy Short, Musgrave's campaign manager, said Matsunaka's decision to switch has left voters in the district confused.

"He said he wasn't interested in the 4th Congressional District. At least now, he finally knows what he is interested in doing," Short said.

Matsunaka said he changed his mind about the gubernatorial race after House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt called him.

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