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In the halls

February 19, 2002


Melissa Donaldson, 13 years old, eighth grade

"Whatever I do, I want to help people. It will be something someone will benefit from."

Elizabeth Gragg, 13 years old,

seventh grade

"I really don't know."

Katie Steele, 15 years old, ninth grade

"I want to be a fashion editor for Bazaar (magazine) or create my own magazine."

Venessa Gragg, 15 years old, eighth grade

"I want to be a successful businesswoman."

Dillon Hicks, 13 years old, eighth grade

"To become an astronaut. I like space."

Andrew McKee, 15 years old, ninth grade

"To get rich and live in Berkeley, Calif."

Liam Kirby, 14 years old, ninth grade

"To have the most plastic surgery because it's different. Also, to make everything as hard as possible."

Brineshia Smith, 12 years old, seventh grade

"My dream is to play basketball through college and be a doctor or a teacher."

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