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Hughes fan

February 19, 2002


I'm a Kansas native, African-American, Kansas University J-School graduate and long-time reader of Langston Hughes.

I was so pleased when I read the New York Times recently to learn that Lawrence is celebrating this great man.

Since I studied Kansas history in junior high school in Independence, Kan., I've known of the proud history of Lawrence as an abolitionist stronghold and links to guerrilla fighter John Brown. I knew that Langston Hughes grew up there and had read "Not Without Laughter," his somewhat autobiographical novel. I did not know until reading the Times today that Langston's family was literally involved with John Brown. So it is thoroughly appropriate that Lawrence is taking this time to bring Langston home. Again, as a former resident and KU alumnus, thank you, Lawrence.

Sam Ford,

Washington, D.C.

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