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Southwest Junior High poetry entries

February 16, 2002


She has,
Blue eyes,
Brown hair.
She is in,
The same grade,
As you,
Always looking,
Never talking,
You see her one.
Never again
Your first love moves,
Before you ask,
a simple question,
You fell in love.
Not many times.
Not just once.
Not just twice,
Love is only one.
Love can't be Played with,
Like a toy.
Fell in love once.
Will you love the
Same way!
-Dustin Little, SWJHS

When I'm sad
I try to make myself glad
by putting my dreams
on paper with ink
I dream of ponies riding
though the tall prairie grass
and of hawks flying in a
thunder storm towards the
and of me,
going into and out of time.
I dream of crystals,
that glint in the sun.
I dream of the breeze,
blowing the cottowoods in the
I dream of Terra
With the golden hair, and the
beutiful eyes, those deep, deep
In my dream I tell her how
I feel.
But when I don't dream I can't
tell her.
I know dreams are not real but
they are the wonders of the
-James Poston, SWJHS

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