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South Junior High poetry entries

February 16, 2002


Communication is a seed waiting to grow
And if sown will soon glow

Communication is feelings flying
Faces smiling

Whispers, laughs, giggles and yells all lets one know whether
they're bad or well

Communication is assuring and good
Knowing you can say all that you should

Joyful, loving or pushing shoving

Communication is a gift of expression
Often bestowing one with a new impression

Spreading thoughts and dreams as life flows down it's curving

Communication is listening to hear
All that one has to share

Talking, hugging, answering, shrugging

Communication is sharing and learning
I know someone's yearning

To let others know exactly what they can't show

Communication is everywhere
In the sky in the air

So listen up if you dare
-Marissa Ballard, SJHS

In the world of choice and chances,
Some will hide in fear.
For what if one did wrong, was punished, and shed tears?
Would they lock him in a chamber,
And throw away the key?
Would they make him walk the splintery plank,
to be buried in the sea?
Fear not of the "What if"s and the "Would"s
And focus on the "I can"s and the "I could"s
In life you are allowed mistakes
the chances are worth taking
There's always chance that you'll be right,
but it's a process in the making
Rewards of these are happiness, love, friendship and cheer
And the one who will decide for you
is looking back at you in the mirror
-Emma Mercer, SJHS

Summer Nights
In the muggy summer night,
You drink lemonade with a slurp.
Quiet? No, not quite,
Because the bullfrogs begin to chirp.

Then the fireflies come out,
Dancing in the air,
Flying all around and about,
Looking like little flares.

Out of the clouds the full moon rises,
Shedding it's pale, silver light.
Revealing all sorts of shadowy surprises,
Like animals that live in the nights.

But the fireflies fade away,
And nothing makes a peep.
They're not scared, no, nay.
It's just time to go to sleep.
-Kelly Summons, SJHS

E is for equal
Chances for all
In schools and collages there would
be no dividing wall
-Cody Weber, SJHS

A Poem for Him
Magical words flow fro your lips to your pen,
Like the floods of rain they blend in perfect harmony,

Tears and smiles,
Will come forth after reading your works,

Your work is like no other,
Original and steadfast,
As the waves on the shore,

You have inspired many,
And yet tons, are left to be touched.

This poem is for your Birthday,
Because we love you so much.
-Katie Porter, SJHS

I am
I am a bold and passionate White tiger.
I tense my muscles for an attack.
I wait and see.
I crawl out into daylight.
I smell the cool air.
I am a bold and passionate White tiger.

I creep through the snow.
I spot my prey.
I crouch to hide.
I calculate the distance.
I spring for a catch.
I am a bold and passionate White tiger.

I fear other tigers and people.
I promise myself.
I will stay alive.
I go back to my den from a well earned.
I wash my paws in the cold, wet, snow.
I am a bold and passionate White tiger.
-Kristen Ohlemeier, SJHS

Fear not death
for this is it's song
The departure of life
Will not be ere long.
In perfect repose
there is no wrong.
Fear not the darkness
for this is it's song
The departure from light
Will not be ere long
-Isaac Lewis- O'Connor, SJHS

tickle through your ear telling
things you like to hear.

are as soft as skin letting little
words come in.

come so they can blow
secrets, o they'll never know.
-Briana Lewis, SJHS

The MeeHoo with An Exactlywatt
Knock know!
Who's there?
Me who?
That's right!
What's right?
That's what I want to know!
What's what you want to know?
Me who?
Yes, exactly!
exactly what?
Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain!
exactly what on a chain?
Yes what?
No, Exactlywatt!
That's what I ant to know!
I told you - exactlywatt!
exactly what?
Yes, it's with me!
what's with you?
Exactlywatt-that's what's with me.
Me who?
go away!
-Joey von Knorring

Pondering Beach
Scared for my life,
I lie on this beach,
pondering my life away.

As I think,
I came up with many ideas,
they are as they seem.

If sun rays are beams of courage,
I'll lie here from dawn to dusk,
soaking them in.

Building my courage,
I'm making myself stronger,
to face my lifelong fears.

Fears of drunks,
drugs, hunger, and death;
I think I will lie on this beach forever.

If the moonlight is Romance itself,
I'll stand here on this beach,
waiting for it.

My life consist of loneliness,
depression, anger, and hope,
always full of hope.

Waiting for love,
I still stand here in this spot,
serenading the moon to keep myself sane.

When there is no moon,
I search for a star,
longing for its mystical powers.

I would wish for a purpose,
a purpose for my existence,
for I feel I do not have one.

I could wish for a companion,
someone to be my bottle of secrets,
someone I can finally trust.

When the stars are gone and the sun has risen,
I will turn to the wind,
the wind would whisper the answers in my ear.

The wind is the key to many secrets,
because it has heard many,
throughout its travels.

It will tell me reasons for beings,
for the extinction of trust,
and if nirvana really does exist.

When the wind is not present,
I'll turn to the sea,
to bring me serenity.

With it's shimmering waves,
and shades of blue,
it washes away all my worries.

It takes me to its underwater utopia,
with mermaids and dolphins,
it would be an endless dream,
that I don't want to wake from.

When I do wake,
a reality pill is dosed when not needed,
now I lie here awake
and alone.

So I lie here before the waters,
pondering life away,
but I cannot comprehend this fact:
-Phung Chau, SJHS

Girl in the Garden
Smiley eyes
Among the flowers

Starlit and na
Dreamy gazes and wind-whipped hair

Innocent ears and untouched lips

Tangled thoughts and crazy ambitions

Arms held up embracing life
Dancing with no fear

Loving her surroundings
Whispering to the moon

Standing tall and bending to no one

Fireflies illuminate her skin

Butterflies take wing at her consent
She's the essence of youth
Carrying her heart on her sleeve

Singing of the glory of vitality
Brimming with energy and tranquility

Left there in the her mind
She never ages

Fading spinning into oblivion
Turning on for eternity
-Marissa Ballard, SJHS

Communication Poem
Communication is when you wake up in the morning and hear the birds
singing outside, communication is dancing to the music as you struggle to
wake up in the morning, communications yelping from pain as you try to
get your hair untangled,

Communication is crying at a funeral or yelling for joy as you catch the
bouquet at a wedding, communication is laughing at a joke or singing at a
concert, communication is screaming out of anger when your mad at

Communication is hearing the phone ring and yelling for joy because you
know that it's that special someone you've been waiting to talk to,
communication is getting an e-mail from your friend, communication is a
polite smile and "hi" from a friend as you walk through the halls between

Communication is grinning immensely as last bell rings on Friday
knowing you have the whole weekend to just hang out, communication is
coming home to your dog wagging his tail and barking for you in the
doorway, communication is calling a friend to see what's going on, on the

Communication is a smile, wink, or nod from a friend, neighbor, or
stranger, communication is caring about anything ever said or done to
anyone, communication happens to anyone or anything all the time, and
it's what makes the world exciting and interesting,

Communication is the look of desperation you get as you finish that last
question on your math assignment, communication is getting tucked in
before you fall asleep, communication is going to bed at night and hearing
the crickets chirp you to sleep.
-Chrissy Eoannou, SJHS

Communication is where people talk, or the way they walk.
Communication is a wink, a smile, clapping, or maybe even the way a person
Communication is when you raise your hand high in the air during math class
after you miss the toughest problem in the lesson trying to let your
teacher know you don't understand.
It may even be the way a person presents himself to a class during a class
Communication is very simple, but at times can still be misinterpreted.
If you tell your mother you had a good day in a very sorrow tone, she may
mistake you and think you are being serious, although you're trying to
let her know your day wasn't how you planned it to me.
If you want your way, you can show it in your body language, but you must be
sure you are as clear as can be.
Communication is where you learn a language, and you have to stick with
it your entire life hoping not to forget too much as you grow.
It seems that communication changes every year with different age groups and
this makes it harder for everyone to be able to communicate.
Communication is the greatest thing in our lives today, and yet it seems we
lack it more and more each day.
-Matt Stiles, SJHS

Communication is more than just words,
More than a one-time deal.
It's the language around the world but not only that,
It's the way you feel.
Communication is symbols flying high in the sky,
And expressions you use to generate a message to another person so
they can get by.
Communication could just be that bad day you were yelling with your
Or teasing that kid knowing in the end you'll regret it all.
It's those days when you pass a note to your friend sharing your
embarrassing moments from your past classes.
When an old lady sits next to you using sign language to her friend,
That is Communication.
It could even be that rainy day when you stepped outside,
Felling the sprinkles on your face,
Hearing the sound of wilderness trying to send messages
You dare not try to understand.
That day when you patted your friend on the back and looked at
Someone in disgust,
Even made faces at another person, also Communication.
It's not just your peers and family, who you communicate with,
It can be anybody, anywhere, anytime.
Even that simple look at someone saying how much you mean to
Without even saying a single word,
That is Communication.
-Shawna Randall, SJHS

Problems Are black
Problems Are black
they make you unwanted
they sound like children crying
they taste of rotten eggs
And smell of dead fish
they make you feel sad
-Holly Smith, SJHS

The women in town laugh together
they went to the mall with
no husband to bother

The men were at home watching
the game on t.v.
And no wifes to bother
-Jay Fishburn, SJHS

Energetic, competitive

I see
The bat
The ball
The glove

I smell
The leather of gloves
The peanuts eatin by the crowd

I hear
People encouraging the players
Bats crashing
Yells of pain

I touch
The new bat I hold in my hand
The fence I lean against waiting for my turn to bat
-Matt Wingert, SJHS

The bright youth fall Earth has passed the winter upon
The snowflakes are like stars falling from the purple sky.
The wind whispers soft secerts in to the Dark woods
And the people once Joy the hint of Chirtmas coming.
-Cody Robertson, SJHS

It's dark, It's loud
I'm extremely proud
Of the monster that I am inside.
The coach gave a blitz proposition
I agreed and ran into position
"Hike!," Yelled the QB and darted like a bullet,
BAM! He was down with a groaning sound.
-Brandon Holland, SJHS

Who am I?
I don't look like all the others,
But I try to blend in,
I might not be as strong,
But I always play to win,
I'm not allowed to be with team at all times,
But it doesn't bother me, I act perfectly fine.
I might not know all of the moves,
But I'll try to learn them, clue by clue,
I may not be the best,
But I'll put my mind to the test,
I may not be the fastest,
but I'll try not to complain,
I'm just another person on the team,
no I'm not insane,
I'm an artist, a fighter, a dreamer with a skill,
I'll do what I'm told, but not against my will,
So have you figured out just who I am?
I'm the only girl wrestler and that's my plan
-Emma Mercer

Dream Sweet Dreamer
I sit in my room with
no privacy what-so-ever,
I wish upon a star, Maybe
even a couple but my dreams
have yet to come true, so
as I sit on my bed looking into the sky, and wishing upon
a star, I really hope, that my dreams go far.
-Whitney Coleman, SJHS

Cosmetic Girl
I once knew a girl,
Who knew how to curl,
Her hair 20 different ways.

Her name was Sue,
(And I'm sure she knew,
Everything about cosmetology!

Sue knew how to curl, bend, and blend.
And I'm sure if she could she'd spend,
All of her money.

She'd buy eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush.
But when her skin started to flush,
She'd spin around and grin.
(That's when we knew she'd win
Her way to cosmetic heaven.
-Kasandra Birch, SJHS

Our World
Our world is beatiful
Don't destroy it
Our world is beatiful
take care of it as you would a child
Our world is beatiful
Please take care of It
The world is only beatiful to those who care
-Alyssa Vasquez, SJHS

The girls lips breath smelt like
Honey suckles and It was a very
good smell. And that is how a
girls breath
-John Oen Brubaker, SJHS

Music is the sound of emotion;
Music is joy;
Music is saddness;
Music is anger and Love;
Music is all that mankind share;
Music is feeling.
-Tim Hagen, SJHS

My hands spring out like a weapon and they
all disappear, disappear.
I find myself standing there alone in a
Dark room.
In fear I fear I huddle in a
corner like a mouse about to be
My eyes shut as a cream comes
from within me, I scream again.
A sound and my eyes fling back open,
There back they heard me.
-Ivy Knight, SJHS

The four seasons
Beginings of summer, golden sun, no school,
Gets dark later in the day beginnings of fall, school starts
Leafs fall and turn crisp, children do yard
work, kids play in the leafs. Daylight
savings starts. beginings of winter
Lots of snow, Christmas is coming soon,
gets dark earlier. Kids slip on the
Icy streets. Beginnings of spring
flowers bloom, leafs turn green,
Leafs grow on the trees. It rains
a lot the wind wispers.
-Lacey Brown, SJHS

The Christmas tree
Among the trees in the snow
we looked for the perfect one
tall as a pole
green as grass
strong as metal
so the cat won't scrach
that would be
the perfect tree
for Christmas
-Brandy Vervynck, SJHS

Know I can write poetry
Poetry is poetry
Words are words
Some people can
act obsurd or
act like a nerd
or just want
to be herd
-Willey Frick, SJHS

The Darkness
In the dark I lost my sight.
In the darkness full of fright, To the evil ones delight,
Among the Midnight Garden of thorn & bush,
Where the Devils roam & the sun never rises,
Home to all that you despise,
The past the present full of gloom,
So who needs sight, why have eyes,
If al in which you see is fright.
And the darkness of the night,
So midnight tonight I die & decay,
Be gone!!! You fool for I am doomed!!
-Cody Vest, SJHS

Love is a strong emotion
Everyone grows with
It gets stronger and stronger
Every day
In many different ways
Love will die and move on
But no unless you do
Love may bring grief
But will soon find relief
Love is a never ending story
And will pass by like Clouds
Flying through the sky
With more and more each
-Erin Mayer, SJHS

Coloring the Seasons
The colors of summer
are heavy yet heartfelt
green, yellows
hear the enamord sound of birds singing and
children playing.

Then the warm soothing laughter becomes
cool soft chuckles.

The colors of Autum
Are jolting yet, level
Reds, brouns
hear the sound of the squirrle's scattering feet
and children skipping to school for yet another year.

Then the smoth calm feelings of Autum become
fast and fluttered.

The colors of winter
are fridged yet soft
hear the sounds of the deer hooves hitting the
ground and children playing in the icy rain.

Then the snow slowly becomes soft hearted and
falls to sleep for a year.

The colors of Spring
are welcomed yet, triste
greens, yellows
hear the sound of birds once again singing and
children, out of school, once again playing.

Another year has passed and another to come
-Skyler Detherage, SJHS

Translucent Fear
Fiery leaves
Ignited by a smoking belch of flame
From afar, an icy gout,
Of a dragon, black and oily.
He wanders in the dreams
Of others
Who imagine he is real;
But he is not
Only in existence through a paltry bond
Overseed by laborers and slaves
We know not that the hulk
The massive brute
The evil beast
The clawed curse
Who tears through flesh, blood, and tears
Cannot be
-Jeff Standing, SJHS

The Giant Cottonwood
From our porch,
I could just barely see,
The old white-haired farmer.
Chopping down the rest of the giant cottonwood
For, the night before,
a storm,
had thrashed the poor tree until,
it was nothing but a small stump,
just barely poking out,
from the tall prairie grass.
-Becki Chappell, SJHS

Have you ever just wanted to look
out a window and see the
glistening sky, or watch the
neighber and his dog go by?
Windows have this thing about
them you'll never know what
you'll find!
-Brittney Raybern, SJHS

The Windy Night
Once upon a windy summer's night,
Shelana slept out in the grass,
and while she slept her imagination went wild,
She imagined she was playing with a dragon child,
They were playing in the leaves,
When all of the sudden the leaves caught fire in a big burst of smoke,
Shelana started shaking in her sleep,
She awoke with a quickness to find it a dream,
And she let out a sigh of relief.
-Crystal Pedram, SJHS

At some point of tiem,
You feel like you want to run,
Run as far as you can
Run through a rusted gate,
And in the woods.
At some point in your childhood,
You just want to run,
Get away from all of the sound,
Away from quietness.
-Jessica Williams, SJHS

We all know what
Happened on September 11th
That sad tragty that
Killed millions of people
Every one felt bad about
What happened. Up high their
Heads were. Let got do the rest
I say but nobody can
It's my fault people say
don't blame yourself for
some ones fault. Keep your spirits higher then
the ones who let people do wrong stay alive and
be strong
In God We Trust.
-Richard Demby, SJHS

Killer Cat
Their once was
a Dog on a log
with a frog

Being chaced
By a cat
With a
Bat saying
Bye Bye
frogie and
Bye Bye
-Jamie Miller, SJHS

Leave me alone
Stay your distance
Let me free
Don't you see the silence in my face
Can't you here the thunder of the thick gray sky
My soul cries like a winter wolf-caged on a beautiful night
My heart pours like a beautiful waterfall
Yet, still my words are weak to speak
So I must remain in my silence
Closing my heart only to you!
-Jenny Sykes, SJHS

Poetry nonsense
I stink
I'm not emotional
I wish I could write it down
I have emotions that I cant express
It feels like a silenced outburst
I'm frustraited that I can't write a

I want to write, so that I can be heard.
This is harder than I thought.
It's still just a blank plot

I thought poems were sapose to rhyme
like stinky little crime.
But my rhymes have no cohesion

However at the end it was more full than not.
My head was in a knot,
like a full parking lot.
-Oleg Nazrenko, SJHS

Scars of School
1st hour brings band how my lips regret that,
2nd is German, tongues twisted, mind's zapped,
Math comes up 3rd, my minds all a bore,
But English comes next leaving my hand cramped
and sore
Geography comes after, I don't know what I'm
So then science starts my stomach starts
With Homec up 7th, my skin gets all burned,
Leaving me with Tech to reflect what I've learned,
Then comes the hard part, practice I mean,
To work on the moves in wrestling I'd seen,
Bumps and bruises, all scarred away,
Then it strikes my mind that it's only Monday!
-Emma Mercer, SJHS

vigorous, physical
pushing, working, winning
It brings out the best out of you.
-Joe Varberg, SJHS

God's People
We are all God's people.
He does not see race or color
What he sees is his children conquering
Their fears and succeed where others
We are all God's people.
Whether rich or poor he loves us all
the same.
If you are rich share with the
If you are poor share what you can.
We are all God's people.
-Jake Lorenzo, SJHS

My Hero
Is a hero someone
With big muscles or is a hero
Someone who's strength is built
with courage.

Is a hero someone who
wears a cape and spandex or
is a hero someone who saves

Is a hero someone who's
big-headed with fame and glory
or is a hero a man or women who
can make you feel good with just a
look in the eye.

Just as that fantasy hero Doesn't
were their cape or spandex or isn't famous
anymore he becomes a figment of Imagination.
-Britnea Tidwell, SJHS

The Game
Game's Over
Who won? Is all you want to know.
I'm going to let you in on a secret.
Only one game is like this.
Winners don't really win,
because this game is unending,
Sucking the winners right back in,
Into this mind boggling game.
You'll see.
One that leaves people homeless
One that hurts people
In more than one way.
A game so horrible
that will eventually kill.
Because we can't get along.
But don't worry!
You can fix your life!
All you have to do
is love one another.
That's what your heart is for!
If you do that,
You will have a peaceful life
And no games will mess with your heart.
-Kim Gerguson, SJHS

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