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s downhill delayed

February 12, 2002


— Fans waiting for the start of the women's downhill on Monday waited patiently at the base of the Wildflower course.

Some sang songs, while others watched the men's snowboard competition on the Jumbotron. A few even waved American flags, warming up to see Picabo Street compete with the rest of the world's best.

But Street and the others never made it down the hill because things were too windy at the top of the Snowbasin Ski Area. A steady, driving wind forced officials to postpone the race after nearly two hours. Finally, just before noon, the decision was made to reschedule the event.

The announcement came over the public address system and more than 25,000 fans filed out of the stadium and began the trek to the next big event of the day  keeping patient as they waited in long lines to catch shuttle buses back to the parking lots several miles away.

 Steamboat (Colo.) Pilot and Today reporter John F. Russell is on assignment at the Olympics in Utah.

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