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In the halls

February 12, 2002


This week's question:

Asked at Lawrence High School

Should students pay to ride the bus to school?

Andrea Perdue, 17 years old, senior
"I think it's not a good idea because some people need transportation. Transportation is an essential thing to get to school."

Haylee Potter, 17 years old, senior
"I think that's really stupid because a lot of people can't afford to pay for a bus ride every day."

Eli Stogsdill, 17 years old, senior
"It is important to provide transportation for students, and it takes a burden off of their families."

Marlo Michalowski, 18 years old, senior
"They should make students pay because I don't agree with the other cuts they are considering. If they cut that funding, there will be less other cuts."

Erin Baker, 17 years old, senior
"I think that they should include it in student fees. That way everybody is contributing."

David Stogsdill, 15 years old, sophomore
"I don't think it really matters one way or the other because I don't ride the bus."

Carolyn Tharp, 17 years old, senior
"They should not make students pay because it is an inconvenience and people won't want to pay."

Ely Fair, 18 years old, senior
"The school bus system is a social service system. To have someone pay for a social service eliminates the purpose of a social service."

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