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Companies have 30 days to appeal decision

February 12, 2002


— Officials with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana have about 30 days to appeal Kansas Insurance Commissioner Kathleen Sebelius' order.

Sebelius on Monday rejected Anthem's bid to take over Blue Cross of Kansas.

Company officials said that they wanted to study Sebelius' order before deciding what to do next.

Give or take a few days to allow the orders time to arrive via mail, the companies have 15 days to file a petition asking Sebelius to overturn or modify her order. The companies also have about 30 days to file for judicial review of the order, which would be done at the state district court level.

A judicial review would be based on whether Sebelius followed the proper procedure in reaching a decision, and not on the actual decision's merit, according to officials with the Kansas Department of Insurance.

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