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February 10, 2002


Enjoy a home pedicure with flower power

Want to smell like roses? You can re-create Avon Salon & Spa's signature rose-petal pedicure at home.

Tatiana, a manicurist at the New York spa, suggests the following steps to pamper yourself and your toes:

 Pour a warm but not too hot bath, adding gel for bubbles.

 Add to the ambiance by dimming the lights and lighting a scented candle.

 Once the tub is full, add the petals of a dozen roses to the water.

 After soaking for a while, begin to massage the now supple skin of the foot, concentrating on each individual toe. Alternate between light strokes and deep kneading of both the arch and the ball of the foot.

 Paint toenails with a bright matte red polish, such as Avon's Becoming in Heart.

Philosophy's latest a phenomenal pheromone

One gift fits all, at least if it's Philosophy's Falling in Love pheromone or Soul Mates cologne we're talking about.

Falling in Love is supposed to increase your sense of well being, giving you more confidence, which makes you more attractive.

(A pheromone is a natural, odorless chemical secreted by humans that influences specific patterns of behavior.)

Soul Mates is a spray cologne with a romantic fragrance that blends sandalwood, lavender and warm earthy spices.

Philosophy's also makes Kiss Me lip balm, an emollient product that uses kiwi, orange and almond oil to leave lips very soft. It's available in clear and with a red tint.

Feel good about yourself with a little TLC

Hair-care brand Pantene is launching an outreach campaign dedicated to helping women get into their most beautiful condition.

Pantene Condition for a Cause targets four categories of self-care: physical fitness, nutrition, mental health and healthy beauty.

The tips include:

 Commit to regular exercise for physical and mental health. Exercise releases beta-endorphins, a natural relaxant that helps reduce stress.

 Balance the number of calories you eat with the number you use each day.

 Call a friend. Researchers have found that having good friends helps relieve anxiety.

 Give yourself 10 minutes a day every day. Whether you're a high-power executive or an at-home mom, letting yourself unwind is essential. Take a nap, a bath or read. Do exactly what you want to do.

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