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Do-it-yourself holiday crafts: Make gifts from the heart at home

February 10, 2002


— For Valentine's Day gifts from the heart, Rosie magazine home and crafts editor Kieran Juska suggests these projects that are intended for adults or children old enough to handle scissors and a glue gun but can easily be adapted for smaller hands.

The craft "recipes" appear in the magazine's February issue.

Paper-Petal Flowers

You'll need:


 Assorted colored vellum and/or waxed papers

 Heavy white paper



 Wire cutter

 Crafts glue

 Green ribbon

Using scissors, cut hearts in three different sizes, four or five in each size, from vellum or waxed paper.

Cut a small circle from the white paper.

Poke the wire through the circle and then through the tips of the hearts, arranged in order of decreasing size.

Thread the button onto the wire, and position on top of the heart "petals." Attach the button by threading the wire through the button's holes.

Using wire cutter, snip wire to desired "stem" length. Glue green ribbon to wire under white circle, and wrap ribbon around entire wire. Glue ribbon to bottom of stem.

Arrange the petals to form a flower.

Juska says younger children can substitute green pipe cleaner for the wire, eliminating use of the wire cutter. Just fold over the pipe cleaner to keep the petals in place.

Be-My-Valentine Garland

You'll need:

 Fusible interfacing

 Assorted fabrics


 Standard or decorative-edge scissors

 Hole punch

 String or twine

Following the manufacturer's instructions, fuse interfacing to fabric with an iron.

Using scissors, cut hearts in assorted sizes from fabric.

Stack several hearts onto each other and fuse together with an iron. Repeat as many times as you'd like for desired-length garland.

Using hole punch or awl, punch two holes on opposite sides near the top of each heart.

Thread the string or twine through the holes.

To make this a child-friendly activity, eliminate the interfacing and iron. Instead, Juska says, use fabric glue to paste the largest size fabric hearts onto same size pieces of posterboard, also cut into hearts. Use the same glue to attach the smaller size hearts.

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