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Test your knowledge about Langston Hughes

February 6, 2002


The following is a quiz to help you test your knowledge about Langston Hughes. This quiz will be updated daily through Feb. 14.

Question 1: What was the name of the fictional Lawrence in "Not Without Laughter"?

Answer: Stanton.

Question 2: Who was the model for the fictional character Aunt Hagar in Not without Laughter?

Answer: Langston Hughes's grandmother, Mary Leary Langston.

Question 3: Which relative of Langston Hughes was killed at Harpers Ferry?

Answer: Lewis Sheridan Leary (Mary Langston's first husband).

Question 4: In addition to Lewis Sheridan Leary, what other abolitionist was an important part of Langston Hughes lineage?

Answer: Charles Henry Langston, Langston Hughes's grandfather.

Question 5: What famous Hughes poem is based on an racial incident at a Lawrence park?

Answer: "Merry-Go-Round."

Question 6: Who is the famous character that Hughes created for his Chicago

Defender column?

Answer: Jesse B. Simple.

Question 7: What is the poem from which Lawrence's city motto, "We have tomorrow

bright before us," comes?

Answer: "Youth"

Question 8: What is the meaning of the term Jim Crow row?

Answer: This was the back row in a segregated theater where blacks were allowed to sit.

Question 9: During Langston Hughes' childhood, where could blacks swim?

Answer: In the Kansas River or farm ponds.

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