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December 29, 2002


Workplace: New job near top of list of New Year's resolutions

If you still make a list of yearly resolutions, finding a new job might rank up there with losing weight, drinking less and quitting smoking.

More than a third of 2,200 workers polled this month plan to hunt for a new job in the new year, and 32 percent said their prospects of finding one were strong.

What prompts the search for greener career pastures?

Most, 59 percent, said they wanted to leave because they were unhappy with promotion prospects in their current positions. And 58 percent said they didn't like the pay. Half the job hunters said they were under too much stress at work.

The survey was commissioned by Chicago-based, a job search site.

Survey: Budgeting not popular among college students

College students aren't big on budgeting, but 72 percent of those who do budget stick to it, according to a survey by a financial education group.

The survey, which polled 1,139 students from 28 schools in 20 states, found that only 38 percent prepare some sort of monthly budget.

Credit cards and balances were more likely to be part of students' financial lives. Seventy percent of the students surveyed said they had a credit card and nearly a third, 32 percent, carry a balance. Most of the debtors had less than $2,000 to pay off, although 6 percent owed more than $10,000.

The information was collected by Students in Free Enterprise.

Motley Fool: Name that company

I was born in 1978 in Georgia, and a year later my three stores racked up $7 million in sales. Today I operate 1,473 stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. My annual sales top $50 billion. My stores often sport more than 130,000 square feet, and contain around 45,000 kinds of products. I employ more than 280,000 people, matching the population of Iceland. In 1999 I opened a museum chronicling my history. Fortune magazine has named me one of America's most admired companies several times. Call me the domicile station. Who am I?

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