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Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint

December 11, 2002


A local pizza delivery driver says he was robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday morning.

The 28-year-old Domino's driver says he was held up by two men about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday as he was searching for a specific apartment number in the 4500 block of Overland Drive.

"What I kept thinking was, what's my mom going to say if she finds out," said Roy Wilson, who's worked as a delivery driver for Domino's for one year. "I'm more freaked out today."

The victim said both of the suspects had their faces covered with bandanas, and one of the men pointed a gun at his chest
Wilson said the suspects then robbed him of his wallet, his personal money and the business' cash.

The suspects also got away with a pizza inside of a $100 delivery bag.
"They told me to put pizza on the ground," Wilson said. "One of them then told me to empty my pockets and I did that, and then he asked me for my wallet."

Police say the suspects are described as a white male, who's 6-foot-6, weighing approximately 350 pounds and a black male, who's 5-foot-2, 260 pounds.
Police say both of the suspects left on foot. The victim said the men first ordered him to run to Free State High School and back so they could make their get-away.

"One of them tells me to run over to the high school, touch the wall and then walk back," Wilson said, "and when I started walking one of them yelled, 'you need to move faster than that.'"

The victim was not injured during the robbery, and he was back at work Wednesday night delivering pizzas.

"I've delivered a lot of pizzas in this past year," Wilson said, "and I believe this is extremely isolated. "I'm not too concerned."

Wilson said Domino's held a special safety meeting for its drivers Wednesday evening. He was asked to explain what happened to his co-workers, hopefully to prevent similar attacks from happening again.

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