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Old home town - 25, 40 and 100 years ago today

December 11, 2002


IN 1977

Local temperatures stayed in a subfreezing mode. Large gas users here had their supplies cut and had to go on alternative fuel until the deep freeze ended. The bitter cold was expected to continue for three to four more days after the downtown wind chill reading was minus 25 degrees in the early morning hours.

Lawrence residents were facing another water rate increase in 1978, but the extent of the restructuring had not been settled.

Local police continued their investigation of the homicide of Woolworth store manager Sameul Norwood, 30, who was slain by gunshots in an apparent robbery effort.

IN 1962

The Kansas University Placement Bureau was swamped with requests for teachers, veteran and new. The demand far exceeded the supply in Kansas.

IN 1902

From the Lawrence Daily World of Dec. 11, 1902: "Street commissioner Pickens passed along the main street today, but he did not look to the right or to the left. In order to have escaped all the dirt, he ought to have kept his eyes fastened on heaven. . . . It is very nice to have these giants of commerce start and endow schools, but at the same time that does not justify the fact their great fortunes were wrongfully made and that the state ought to do its own educating. . . . No man can accumulate such vast wealth as Carnegie and Rockefeller and do it legitimately."

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