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Nebraska’s biggest booster club pledges support for beleaguered coach Solich

December 11, 2002


— In these hard times for Nebraska football, one thing coach Frank Solich can count on is the support of the team's largest booster club.

In a statement released Tuesday by the Touchdown Club of Nebraska's executive committee, the 3,500-member organization pledged "unqualified support" for Solich.

"There's been a lot of criticism about the season," said Touchdown Club president Bob Norris of Lincoln. "It does no good for anybody to be negative. We recognize the ups and downs of sports, and we believe it's time to put this year behind us and get behind the coaching staff."

The Cornhuskers, at 7-6, had their worst regular season since 1961. They play Mississippi on Dec. 27 in the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La.

The Touchdown Club's executive committee adopted a resolution in support of Solich on Thursday - three days after Solich fired three of his defensive assistants and removed himself as offensive coordinator.

In the resolution, the club cited Solich's long association with the program as a player and coach, his 42-9 record in his first four years as head coach, his team's 1999 Big 12 championship, and his team's appearance in the national championship game last season.

Bob Knowles, a member of the Touchdown Club's executive committee, said Solich has not merited the criticism he's received after one season that failed to meet expectations.

"Maybe we're too influenced by water-cooler talk and Internet message boards, but there's an awful lot of sudden unhappiness with Frank," Knowles said. "After one season that wasn't a good one, we don't think it's at all time to get rid of Frank. We hope people recognize that, on balance, he's done a nice job and deserves to get the ship righted."

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