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t play Wednesday night against CMSU

December 3, 2002


Ironman Kirk Hinrich will sit out the first game of his college basketball career on Wednesday night.

Hinrich, a 6-foot-3 senior guard from Sioux City, Iowa, who has played in 108 straight games, will not dress for the Kansas-Central Missouri State contest, which tips off at 7 p.m. at Allen Fieldhouse.

Hinrich is expected to be back for SaturdayâÂÂs contest at Oregon, keeping alive his streak of consecutive games played against NCAA Div. I teams.

He suffered a back strain in last WednesdayâÂÂs 67-56 Preseason NIT semifinal loss to North Carolina and played in pain during FridayâÂÂs 83-73 loss to Florida in the consolation finals in New York.

âÂÂWeâÂÂve done extensive tests on Kirk and it is still diagnosed as a back strain,â KU coach Roy Williams said. âÂÂI decided I wanted to see if itâÂÂd help him to have five straight days off with no practice. I fully expect him to resume practice later in the week and then play against Oregon.âÂÂ

The Jayhawks did not practice Saturday and Sunday. Everybody but Hinrich practiced two hours on Monday. Hinrich took the court and shot free throws after the practice.

âÂÂHopefully with five days off, itâÂÂll be better. IâÂÂm not looking back on it, (but) I probably shouldnâÂÂt have played him Friday night,â Williams said. âÂÂHe felt much better and thought he could go. He wanted to try it desperately. He wanted to see if he could help us win, yet his back bothered him so much heâÂÂs 2-for-8 (shooting).âÂÂ

Even with a bad back, Hinrich earned defensive player of the game honors against the Gators.

âÂÂHe is just relentless, as tough as you can possibly be,â Williams said.

Sophomore power forward Wayne Simien, who twisted his right ankle twice against North Carolina, practiced Monday, and barring any other problems, should play Wednesday. Simien has tendinitis in his right ankle.

âÂÂHe will probably have some pain in the ankle a long time, maybe even the whole season,â Williams said. âÂÂItâÂÂs something we can rest him for two months and thereâÂÂs a chance heâÂÂd be better. (Even then) you donâÂÂt know if heâÂÂd hurt it the first day he comes out or starts trying to condition. Wayne is a tough youngster. He had a tough time in New York, but Wayne worked very hard in practice today and is doing some nice things.âÂÂ


No intensity: Williams told his Monday night âÂÂHawk Talkâ radio show audience he still doesnâÂÂt understand the teamâÂÂs lack of fire in WednesdayâÂÂs loss to North Carolina.

âÂÂI was stunned. Mike Montgomery of Stanford said, âÂÂ'Roy IâÂÂve seen your teams for 15 years. IâÂÂve probably seen 50 games and IâÂÂve never seen a team of yours that little emotionally into it and not being alert and not being as active as they were that night.âÂÂ

âÂÂI said, âÂÂ'I agree with you.â Why did it happen? WeâÂÂve had some meetings and talks trying to figure out why it happened and make sure it doesnâÂÂt happen again.âÂÂ

The Jayhawk players and coaches held a team meeting after eating 40 pounds of turkey, 8 pounds of ham and 248 home made dinner rolls at the home of Roy and Wanda Williams on Sunday night.

âÂÂWeâÂÂve had a couple instances, guys showing up a little bit late or right on time. That kind of thing. I ended up blasting them in New York. I said, âÂÂ'We donâÂÂt act like that. ThatâÂÂs going to change. WeâÂÂre not going to have that any more,âÂÂâÂÂâ Williams said. âÂÂKids have to step forward. This team is pulling together even more. WeâÂÂve had some open discussions like last night after Thanksgiving dinner. ItâÂÂs something IâÂÂm not that concerned about. I think itâÂÂs going to be a basketball team that will be together.âÂÂ


Hard workout: Williams was active at practice Monday, barking orders all over the court during drills.

âÂÂWe had a really good, brisk practice for two hours,â Williams said. âÂÂWeâÂÂve got to have a lot of those.


Free speech: Williams was asked by a Hawk Talk caller if heâÂÂd ever âÂÂhad a talk withâ one of the mothers of a KU player who the caller said likes to âÂÂstir things up,â on Internet message boards.

Williams said he wasnâÂÂt sure who the caller was talking about. The caller was referring to Keith LangfordâÂÂs mom, who is a frequent contributor on phog.netâÂÂs message board. She speaks her mind - with some positive and negative comments about recruiting, coaching decisions in games and the like.

âÂÂI never had a discussion with âÂÂem about it,â Williams said. âÂÂIt is America. Do I appreciate it? If itâÂÂs negative, not one iota. I donâÂÂt care if itâÂÂs your mom, my mom, anybodyâÂÂs mom, I donâÂÂt appreciate any negativity about our basketball team. But it is America.âÂÂ

Williams isnâÂÂt a big fan of the Internet.

âÂÂIf you ever see Roy Williams in a chat room you know itâÂÂs a lie,â he said.

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