Police: Drug-laden car parked at City Hall

? People who carry seven guns, heroin and methamphetamine in their cars ought not park in front of City Hall. But police say that’s what Brian N. Mahr of Shawnee did.

A Shawnee detective familiar with Mahr recognized Mahr’s parked vehicle Wednesday morning and stopped to check on a passenger who appeared to be unconscious.

The passenger, who was fine, permitted the officer to search the car. The search yielded 24 grams of heroin and the other drugs, police said, and firearms, including four handguns.

Mahr, who was at City Hall to attend Municipal Court for traffic violations, was arrested when he returned to his car. His vehicle was impounded pending possible forfeiture. The 43-year-old was charged Friday in Johnson County District Court with three counts of drug possession and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Four of the charges are felonies.

The arrest unfolded the same day that officials obtained a separate warrant to arrest Mahr. The warrant charged him with a felony for possession of heroin.

In October, Mahr was charged with two counts of drug possession.