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Dogma derailed

August 30, 2002


To the editor:

Cal Thomas says it's back-to-school time. This usually means someone from the Creationist Camp steps up to demonstrate their ignorance, using arguments that have been answered many times.

"What do evolutionists fear?" Cal asks. "If evidence for creation is academically unsound, then why not present the evidence?" BECAUSE it is academically unsound. We cannot teach mythology and dogma as if it is good science when we know it is not.

Cal tries to present scientists who supposedly reject evolution, but fails miserably. He uses Johann Kepler. Kepler DIED 229 years before the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species. It was impossible, then, for Kepler to form any views on the science of evolution.

Cal then tries blaming society's ills on science. "Such thinking led to the Holocaust," he says. Please, Cal, Nazis singled people out because of RELIGION, not science. The "host of other evils" Cal fails to specify probably refers to non-Christian religions.

Except Cal may not know there are non-Christian religions. He states there are only two models for the origin of the universe: evolution and creation. Wrong. There is one scientific model: evolution. As for creation myths, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands.

Cal claims neither creation nor evolution can be tested. Wrong again. Science has tested evolution for 150 years. Can science test religious mythology? No. The only test for Cal's dogma is common sense. A test dogma fails every time. You're right, Cal, school is starting. Maybe this year you'll do your homework.

David Reber,


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