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Wal-Mart plan

August 29, 2002


That said, I am not against Wal-Mart building a new store in Lawrence, yet I believe the real question is: Why would a city allow a regional retailer to locate in a neighborhood setting next to a high school and swimming pool? Is it not the city that approved building these facilities where they are? Nearby residents can forget about having their children ride their bikes to the pool if Wal-Mart goes in next door. Also, regional shopping traffic and high school drivers mix like drinking and driving.

It is time to tell Wal-Mart to find another location, a location that has or will have the infrastructure to handle the traffic (like Kansas Highway 10 and Sixth Street) and one that will not conflict with neighborhood uses. Remember, wherever Wal-Mart goes, significant retail development will follow.

Jeanne Newman,


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